10 Trends Women Love That Men Hate

June 22, 2016

I have always believed women should purely dress for themselves. Whatever you feel looks good, whatever you feel comfortable in, go for it, regardless about what other people think!

Having said that, I always find it funny how men and women usually have different opinions when it comes to women’s trends and styles. A lot of men (not all) tend to see what women wear as a very black and white subject. They overlook why we prefer certain trends, whether it be that it is the new ‘in’ thing on the catwalk, or the style has a brilliant way of masking our not so great bits.

If you have every been curious about what, or why, men sometimes look at our outfits funny, or even want a bit of help on what (and what not) to wear on a first date, keep reading…

1. Flatforms

Women: The flatform — which is named rather appropriately, blending a flat shoe with a platform sole — is favoured by many women as a great way to avoid uncomfortable, high shoes to wear during the day, adding height without the struggle of having to wear heels (a total blessing for some of us shorter girls!). It’s also a much more comfortable alternative to towering platforms at night, when you just want to dance without worrying about foot pain.
Men: Although women see the stylish, as well as practical side to flatforms, men just don’t seem to see it that way. Men tend to think these shoes make women’s feet look big, clunky and just not right. I have actually had a guy say to me “it looks like you have bricks strapped to your feet” whilst I was wearing one of my favourite pairs of flatforms at the time – ouch.
So if you’re wanting to impress on that first date, either go with flats, or heels, don’t try any compromise by wearing flatforms.

2. Ugg Boots

Women: Uggs – Made in Australia from sheep/lamb skin, good quality, extremely comfortable, and has been made popular by the amount of celebrities pictured wearing these slipper-like shoes whilst on a film set or walking their dog around their suburb. Very good for keeping feet warm in the winter, easy and comfortable to wear, whats not to love?
Men:  Uggs – Big boots that look like they have been made for walking around the house in.  Make feet look huge and clumpy – the fur filled boot makes even the daintiest feet look big! Not to mention the stigma that has been attached to the Ugg boot – teenage white girl who is obsessed with Starbucks and selfies, along with the label of ‘tacky’ that a lot of people attach to these shoes.

3. Jelly Shoes

Women: The perfect shoes to pay homage to fellow 90’s kids and their unique styles. Cute, fun and just a nostalgic treat to dress up a dull outfit. Plus, the amount of colours on offer (including glitter!!!) means there is something for everyone!
Men: 90’s shoes that need to stay in the 90’s. Cheap, plastic shoes that makes even the most stylish, cool girls look as if they are in fancy dress as Baby Spice. Above all, these shoes just look uncomfortable, and plastic shoes on a hot day equals sweaty feet and fart noises when we walk, not the most attractive side effect of footwear.

4. Harem Pants

Women: Like Uggs, harem pants are popular among women because they’re trendy and extremely comfortable. The pants are baggy around the seat, and thighs and become tighter from the knee down, giving the wearer a unique silhouette. A classic black pair like the ones above are perfect for a comfy day at the office, and more colorful or patterned pants can be worn for a relaxing day out.
Men: A pair of baggy bottom pants only suitable to wear if are MC Hammer himself. The shape dos nothing in terms of flattering a lady’s rear end, and worse, it has been said to resemble a full nappy. Nice.

5. Strapless Tops

Women: Perfect in the summer time, going strapless allows you to feel the breeze on your neck and shoulders, and not to be restricted by tight underwear and t-shirts in the heat. Plus, having the ability to show off some collar bone, shoulder blades and decolletage adds a sexier look to any dress, romper and top.
Men: It may make women feel sexier, but does it always look better? Most men say no. unfortunately, majority of ladies need a complete bra (straps included) to keep their bust in place, especially if you have been blessed with a fuller, hourglass figure. In a strapless top, men find that women’s chest can look flat or even saggy. What’s more, most men don’t understand why women wear strapless tops and than spend the whole day tugging at them to keep them up.

6. High-Waisted Pants

Women: Personally, I love high waisted pants/shorts. They sit perfectly on the smallest part of the waist, emphasizing your curves, giving a sexy, silhouette, even if you don’t naturally have one, and does a great job of hiding any muffin top we women hate. The style also has a retro, vintage look to it, which is favoured by many women, including myself.
Men: Although women love his style, there is something men just don’t like. This style has been given the name of the ‘mom’ style, and that’s exactly what is is. Anyone have any pictures of their mums in the 80’s/90’s? My bet is that all of them will be rocking this style, so its a given that men would not find this style as appealing as some tight, skinny jeans would. Plus, a lot of men don’t find high waist’s to be flattering on women’s behinds.

7. Jumper And Shirt Combo

Women: This style has grown more and more popular over the past few years. Smart yet stylish, and a great way to keep warm with chic layers in the winter months. I love this style as it is not too girly, and looks strong and confident.
Men: Men tend to see this style as a little boyish, or old. Men often associate layering jumpers with something their grandma would opt for, not to mention a strong starchy shirt being associated with a business man. Personally, I love it, but sometimes, men just aren’t on the same page, sigh.

8. Peplum

Women: We love this style, and why? Well the design of this style means the tiniest part of our waist is emphasized by a seam that cleverly cinches in the most flattering part of our stomachs. The flared out Peplum effect also hides any lumps, bumps or muffin tops we would prefer to hide.
Men: For some reason, men aren’t a massive fan of this style. I find this rather surprising as the style seriously emphasizes the hip to waist ratio, which men usually love. Maybe Peplum just isn’t the way to do this as a lot of men find the extra ruffles of fabric a little childish and silly. Some men also think the extra fabric on the lower part of the tummy to look like maternity clothing! Maybe steer clear of this when on a first date then…

9. Bright Lipstick

Women: Bright lipstick screams, “Look at me, I am a strong, sensual woman who is confident and not scared to be myself” am I right? Women often feel so much more sexy and dressed up when they have their special, sultry lipstick on for a night out, something they would never usually dream of wearing whist going about regular daytime jobs/errands.
Men: Okay, we know men are usually drawn to the woman with the sexy scarlet lips, for the exact same reason why wear wear it, it shows a confident, outgoing, sexy woman. So why is this on the list? Well, while men usually love ogling women with the stand out, full lips, they would actually hate to go on a date with a girl fashioning the same trend. Lipstick can be a nightmare!! It leaved marks on glasses, food, and your face if your not careful. Plus, if you are wanting to lock lips with your date at any time, you can just forget it if you have your best MAC lipstick on! Seriously, if you think you may get lucky, avoid the lipstick…

10. Acrylic Nails

Women: We just LOVE getting our nails done. It makes us feel pretty, a little more glamorous and just better. Getting these fake bits of acrylic basically welded to our nails saves us so much DIY work at home too, right? No more getting out the acetone and nearly fainting from the fumes. No more trying to paint our right hand using our left hand and vice-versa (a nightmare if you are not ambidextrous), plus, our nail colour doesn’t chip off after 2 days! Seriously, you can not blame women for spending £50/£60 a month to avoid all of these little inconveniences!
Men: Lets face it girls, do men even pay the slightest bit of attention to our nails. No, they really don’t. They do, however, notice when we turn up with illuminous, glittery pieces of plastic stuck on the end of our fingers, especially when we end up clawing and scratching them by accident (or so we say).
A woman with claws vs a woman without claws. I think we all know which one the opposite sex would pick.
Well that pretty much sums everything up! My advise… Screw what men think when it comes to fashion. Us girls appreciate every kind of style, whether we would wear it ourselves or not!
Keep checking back for more and more OOTD’s, hauls, and fashion stories.

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