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January 21, 2018

Beauty haul Estée Lauder tatted shape tape dupe make up revolution

Hi everyone! After nearly 1 whole year of being MIA, I’m back blogging! Rather than hearing me ramble on about my quiet year, I’m just going to jump back into it with a beauty haul featuring some new faves, and maybe some fails.

Estée Lauder double wear nude water fresh foundation

Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude

First off off is a new Estée Lauder double wear nude water fresh foundation. I originally went to the Estée Lauder counter to pick up a bottle of the original double wear when I was approached by a lovely sales assistant who offered to Imatch me to get the perfect shade (which turned out to be 2C2 Pale Almond if you where wondering). When she asked about my skin type which is very much combination, oily t-zone with dry cheeks and chin, she recommended the new double wear nude. The foundation has a little bit less coverage than the original, but is buildable to a medium coverage which is fine for my skin. The formula itself is VERY thin and when applied, doesn’t feel like you’re actually wearing makeup which I love! My favourite thing about this foundation is the fact that it literally just looks like your skin but better rather than a film over your skin. If you’re a lover of very full coverage, thicker feeling foundation that is totally matte, this may not be the one for you. If you are looking for a foundation with medium coverage, satin finish that won’t exemtuate your dry patches, I would 100% reccoment picking up a tester and giving this a go.

Makeup revolution concealer tarte shape tape dupe make up Superdrug

Make Up Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

Okay, I know we haven’t even been in 2018 for a full month yet, but I’m going to say it – this could quite possibly the best beauty product find of 2018. If you haven’t yet heard the hype around this product, just enter Make Up Revolution in to YouTube and you’ll see what I mean.

I was looking for a new concealer and was pretty close to purchasing the Tarte Shape Tape until I scanned YouTube for reviews and noticed everyone raving about this so called ‘amazing’ dupe. The Make Up Revolution concealer was only £4 so I set off right away to get myself some. One shade in C3 for my under eyes and a C14 for a contour shade which looks very dark, but once blended in is a pretty good contour shade.

As soon as I tried this out, I became obsessed! I can totally see what the hype is about. The formula is almost mousse like and very light weight, but the coverage is still amazing! It doesn’t crease which is almost unheard of for my undereyes, and it doesn’t budge all day. What more could you need from  concealer? Let me know if you would be interested in a video review and comparison.

Make Up Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

Call me crazy, but I’ve never really used a primer before my make up. I didn’t see the appeal or the difference, to me it was an unnecessary step. While I was picking up the make up revolution concealer, I thought I’d give the Ultra Face Base primer a go. The formula is clear and lightweight and leaves my skin silky soft. Surprisingly, I feel as though my make up looked quite a bit smoother once applied over this primer. As for effecting the staying power of my foundation, it’s not something I’ve noticed a massive difference with, but for £4, it’s surpassed my expectations.

Make Up Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray

Yes, another Make Up Revolution product. This time, I decided to pick up the illuminating fixing spray to try. Not going to lie, they really failed to deliver on the ‘illuminating’ aspect of the spray – I literally didn’t notice any difference in radiance or dewiness after I used this spray. The only good thing about this is product is doesn’t leave a sticky film after use like some fixing sprays can, and it can make you look a little less cakey if powder has been used, but I wouldn’t recommend this for what it is advertised for, sorry gals.

Superdrug Make Up Sponge (Beauty Blender)

Okay, not going to lie, this is the worst fail ever! I was in desperate need of a new beauty blender, and saw these bad boys in Superdrug for the amazing price of £1, so I decided to grab a load to try. In short, don’t. After a few minutes of running this under the tap, trying to get the sponge to soften, as you do, I realised the consistency of the sponge was not changing. Honestly, the sponge is the firmest, hardest beauty blender I’ve ever had. If the price seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and as usual, if you want me to review or write about anything in particular, feel free to drop me a message xoxo

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