Do’s And Don’ts For Shorter Women

December 24, 2015

Hello, my fellow minuscule friends!

Unbeknownst to me, it was National Short Girl Appreciation Day this week (22nd of December to be exact), and in honor of this rather strange national day, I thought it appropriate to share what I’ve learned so far as a woman under 5’5ft. – (I am in fact only 5ft exactly!)


Learn to love heels.


Ladies, heels are our best friends. Not only can they add precious inches to our height, they also improve posture, strengthen leg muscles, lift our derriere AND give us that little bit more confidence. Anymore reasons needed? No.


Do not be taken in by the ‘Oversize and Layer everything trend’.


I love this look as much as the next person. You kind of look like a tramp wearing all of your belongings on your back, but at the same time, looks cool, urban and like you don’t give a fuck, just like the Olsen Twins circa 2005. Brilliant. HOWEVER, when all of this excess material is piled on a small frame, we can just look frumpy, awkward and vaguely like a swaddled baby.


Embrace high waist’s

high waist

Something I always think about when pants, skirts, shorts… where does the waist band sit? A waist band too low can make our torso to leg ratio look hilariously off. A nice high waist elongates our legs and draws attention to the favourite part of our stomachs, the teeny tiny waist. Yay!


Try not to go for midi styles.


I have to admit, I do occasionally wear this style. I think it looks so put together and elegant, and it actually can look lovely on the shorter woman, but mostly, it just looks… off? The mid hem cuts the legs of at a very unflattering  length, making them appear shorter than they are. If you want to avoid looking like a little cute pumpkin, avoid these style of skirts/dresses.


Get into a habit of tucking in any long/baggy shirts.


Just by making this little change to an outfit, you can dramatically change the way an outfit flatters you. Tucking in any baggier or longer shirts, you can lengthen your legs and enhance your slim waist.


Avoid heels/sandals that lace up your calf.


Sure, those Steve Madden gladiator sandals looked amazing on Vanessa Hudgens when she’s papped strutting around Coachella looking like a Bohemian Goddess, but in reality, us little’uns should avoid! Any heels/boots/sandals that finish mid calf is just another item that cuts off the leg at an awkward length and can make our legs appear short and stumpy.


Have a go at wearing vertical stripes


Yes this can be a tricky print to pull off, one that I haven’t really ventured into yet. When done right, the vertical pattern elongates the whole silhouette and can be very slimming. If you don’t mind being called Beetle Juice for the day,  give it a go.


Wear floaty maxi dresses


Beautifully feminine and perfect for warm days, maxi dresses are a staple in most women’s wardrobe. Having said that, when you’re less than average height, it’s going to prove quite the challenge to find one that actually fits. When you do find one that fits, be weary of the style. Billowing, floaty styles aren’t going to look so flattering. When searching, try and get one with a cinched in waist show off your small waist, or a leg split so you don’t look to swamped in material.


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  • Reply Natalie pritchard December 25, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Love this post! Actually I love every post you do but this has to be my Favorite! I am trying the vertical stripes today and having a ‘Beatle juice’ Christmas! Thanks for the inspiration:)

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