Make-Up & Skincare Haul (MAC, The Body Shop, E.L.F, Boots)

April 7, 2016

Make-up skincare haul MAC The Body Shop ELF BootsMake-up skincare haul MAC The Body Shop ELF BootsMake-up skincare haul MAC The Body Shop ELF BootsMake-up skincare haul MAC The Body Shop ELF BootsMake-up skincare haul MAC The Body Shop ELF BootsMake-up skincare haul MAC The Body Shop ELF BootsMake-up skincare haul MAC The Body Shop ELF Boots

I’ve been thinking about mixing up my usual make-up routine for a while now, and since I’m going to Dubai next week, I thought this was the perfect time to invest in some lighter, summer friendly make-up… Et viola, a make-up and skincare haul!

The first thing I got was the Blacktrack Fluidline from MAC. This is a pretty boring purchase for me to be honest. I have been using this eyeliner for the past few years, and after trying a few different eyeliners (felt tips/other gel liners), I always end up coming back to this one. I definitely prefer gel eyeliner to any other forms, and I think Fluidline is the longest lasting gel I’ve tried. Hopefully, it’ll be able to keep its form in Dubai when faced with humidity and sweat – if not, I’ll just end up looking like Alice Cooper.


I went in to Boots just to pick up some deodorant, but ended up spending about half an hour looking at some eye-shadow pallets! I NEVER wear eye-shadow. I mean, I have a few from paint pots and pans from MAC, but honestly, I’ve never ventured further than a nude base and winged eyeliner. After checking out a few Sleek/Revlon/Collection pallets, I just settles on this neutral Revolution Essential Mattes pallet. The pigmentation is really good for the price, and the colours could be used for so many night and day looks. I’m not sure how well the colours wear yet, but I’m sure you’ll see a picture or two on Instagram once I’ve finally perfected a look.

Other than that, I just picked up some Micellar Cleansing Water and a face mask tester. I usually use the NSPA Micellar water to cleans/tone after removing my make-up with a wipe, but I’ve never tried this Garnier version. For some reason, lots of the Garnier products where half price, so I thought I might as well test it out, plus, its hypoallergenic, which is perfect for my sensitive skin! I just wanted to test this clay face mask before buying a whole bottle. I’ve started using a face mask around once a week to keep my skin healthy and more radiant, but I still haven’t found that HG mask yet. Do you have anything you would recommend?


I’ve never actually purchased anything from E.L.F before, so was pretty skeptical about the quality of the products before ordering. I went on the website just wanting to purchase the thin eyeliner brush after loosing my MAC 210. In all honestly, I thought £16.50 was a little steep for a brush I’ve lost 4 times already, so wanted a cheaper alternitave, little did I know, absolutely NO OTHER high street make-up shop/drugstore seemed to have a similar brush (I can’t seem to use the angled ones they kept offering me!) Anyway, once I saw one on E.L.F for £4 I snapped it up. I had to pay p&p regardless of what I ordered, so thought I’d order some other items I was going to purchase elsewhere. I just got the E.L.F Crease brush to go with my new, more adventurous eye shadow dream, and the Lock On Liner and Brow Cream in Light Brown. I actually used the brow cream this morning, and so far, so good! The colour is quite warm, so perfect for my auburn hair, and the consistency isn’t too waxy like many other brow pomade creams. If the lasting power of this bad boy lives up to the name, this may be my new HG brow product!

The Body Shop

Last of all, I popped in The Body Shop to pick up the BB cream. Now, I have never used a BB cream, so I would be the best person to advise whether this is a good or bad one, but the coverage/colour seemed pretty good when I tested it on the back of my hand. Hopefully, this should be perfect for my holiday/summer instead of a heavier foundation.

I then got the All-In-One face base in colour 05. I didn’t originally go in for a powder, but there was a ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ offer on at the time, and I figured, if the BB cream didn’t have enough coverage on its own, this powder can add a little extra, plus its handy to use on its own as a little pick-me-up throughout the day. Finally, a trip to The Body Shop wouldn’t be complete without picking up a lip butter! I just went for the shea butter one as the sales assistant sold be its their most nourishing… and if there’s one thing our lips need on holiday, its moisture!

Well, that’s everything I got in preparation (make-up wise) for my holiday. Do any of you have a favourite holiday products you’d recommend?




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