My Favourite Lipsticks – MAC, Maybelline & Primark

June 13, 2016

My favourite lipsticks

My favourite lipsticks

(from top to bottom) Maybelline Velvet Beige, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Whirl, MAC Red, MAC Rebel, Primark Wine

I love, love, love lipsticks. I love how they can change a make-up look, transform you effortlessly from day to night, and lets be honest, everyone feels a little more fierce when rocking a red lip. So, its been a long time coming for me to actually write a post on my favourite lipsticks so… here it is!

My favourite lipsticks

Maybelline – Velvet Beige -630

Granted, this lipstick doesn’t look like anything special, but for me, this is the perfect everyday lipstick. The colour is very true to its name, its a beige/nude with a pinky undertone (which is important for my skin tine as it makes me look a little less like a corpse). You could probably find a handful of lipsticks with a similar colour, but the thing that makes this stand out to me is how moisturizing it is. The formula is ridiculously creamy. The only downside is it doesn’t last too long on your lips, so you will have to re-apply a few times throughout the day.

My favourite lipsticks

MAC – Velvet Teddy

So, I’d never actually wanted Velvet Teddy before I got it. I went to my local MAC counter specifically for Whirl, however, they where out of stock (thanks Kylie Jenner) so was offered this as an alternative. I have to say, it is a pretty similar colour to the Maybelline Velvet Beige featured above, but the colour is a lot richer and matte as opposed to having a bit of glossiness. I would say this lipstick is a step up from the Maybelline lipstick just because it is more stand-out-ish, but can be a little drying due to the MAC formula.

My favourite lipsticks

MAC – Whirl

Okay, so when Whirl finally came back into stock it was sent out to me, and I LOVE IT. I can imagine this shade to be a little intimidating to people who stick to natural lip colours as its pretty dark, but funnily enough, I feel like it compliments even lighter skin tones like myself. It is very Kylie Jenner-esque, matte and could easily be a day to night colour. HOWEVER… the dryness of the formula really makes me grab another lipstick when I know my lips aren’t at their softest, which for me is a huge drawback as I hate the feeling of dry lips! Non the less, the colour is still makes this a winner for me.

My favourite lipsticks




My favourite colour lipstick is red. Mostly for evenings, but hey, a little red sass in the day never hurt anybody. I have to be a little bit picky when it comes to reds, mostly because of my fair complexion and red hair, but MAC Red is always my go-to. I would say the colour has some subtle orange undertones, meaning its not too rich and doesn’t wash me out. Another massive plus is the staying power. No word of a lie, I have been on a night out, cleansed my face before bed, and woke up with stained lips (although I do look a bit like the Joker, so I don’t recommend it). The formula can be a little drying, but its tolerable.

My favourite lipsticks

MAC – Rebel

Right, I must say, the camera really isn’t picking up the true colour of this lipstick. Rebel is a very deep purple, with slightly blue-ish undertones. Funnily enough, I wear this in the day more than the evening. I usually wear black outfits, and I feel like this shade just adds to a slightly Gothic vibe, which I love once in a while. The formula is not too drying, and it does stain the lips throughout the day, so no changing colours to take you to the evening! This does seem to stay in place all day though, with hardly any transfer! Plus, the blue undertones really brings out the white in your teeth.

My favourite lipsticksMy favourite lipsticks

Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon – Wine

I’ve never tried any of the Primark Cosmetics, not for any particular reason, I just thought the low price would mean low quality and it would be a waste of money. Well, having mentioned a few times I was looking for a deep wine red colour, my lovely mother picked this up for me when she spotted it. The colour is nice, but nothing too unusual. The thing that I love about this is the formula. It’s a crayon, so feels a little but strange to apply, but the consistency is soo creamy! It feels really moisturizing without compromising on pigment, which is pretty rare for a matte lipstick. Plus, for only £2, you can’t go wrong. If I was being picky, I would say it does transfer quite easily, but for the price, you can’t complain!


So, these are my 6 holy grail lipsticks, what are yours?

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