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OOTD – First day at The Times

March 7, 2016

OOTD London Paris Fashion Week The Times OOTD London Paris Fashion Week The Times OOTD London Paris Fashion Week The Times OOTD London Paris Fashion Week The Times OOTD London Paris Fashion Week The Times

Coat – Primark
Top – H&M
Pants – Primark
Boots -Zara
Bag – Givenchy Lucrezia

So, the time has finally come, my first day at The Times… I know, I’m pretty surprised I made it too.

OOTD – Choosing an outfit for the first day at a new workplace can be daunting, no? I have had many a first day – be it a job, work placement or even a regular event you’ve never been to. My go to in this situation is always the same, a good pair of cigarette pants. I know, I sound like a broken record, but seriously, how versatile? These bad boys have seen me through interviews, first days, events and have just wormed their way into my everyday outfits.

Anyway, the ones I’m wearing today are just a cheap pair from Primark, but they feel such good quality and keep the structured look no matter how many times they’re worn or washed. Zara is also a great place to get yourself a robust pair that’ll last you forever!

Top wise, I stuck with my other current obsession – ribbed turtle necks. I have to be honest, I haven’t got some reasonable, well thought explanation like I have for the pants above – but that doesn’t stop me from buying 13 of them (yes, 13, I counted when I was packing and had a minor breakdown). This rust coloured one is from H&M and is really stretchy/thick, just how I like them. Zara, TopShop and Ann Taylor are all good for this style too.

Now, lets talk business. The Times building looks like something from James Bond. Its like a marble city, oh and who needs buttons to call the lift when you can put touch pad computers in the wall?

Seriously though, today was good. I’m so glad I arrived when Paris Fashion Week is in full swing. Today consisted mostly of summarizing the fashion features from the weekend and de-constructing/pricing the outfits worn by the buyers, bloggers and celebrities attending the shows. Lucky bitches.

P.S. Yes that last picture is a bathroom selfie, James Bond style.

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