OOTD – Neck Scarves & MOM Jeans (Zara, Levi’s, ASOS)

July 8, 2016


OOTD Zara Levi Alexander Wang

OOTD Zara Levi Alexander Wang OOTD Zara Levi Alexander Wang

OOTD Zara Levi Alexander Wang OOTD Zara Levi Alexander Wang OOTD Zara Levi Alexander Wang
OOTD: Top – ASOS      Scarf – Zara Jeans – Levi/Vintage      Shoes – Zara      Bag – Alexander Wang     Sunglasses – House Of Harlow

I haven’t had the time to photograph much lately, but you know I LOVE doing OOTD posts, so I made sure I saved some time to post one this week. I’ve very recently finished the Journalism course that was engulfing my life for the past year, so this is my time to start firing out more time-consuming posts, and write more consistently.

Now, if you follow me on Instagram (@layersandleather) or Snapchat (ellaoprey) you may have noticed how much I wear these jeans… its pretty bad. I bought these Levi’s at Pop Boutique, a vintage shop in Liverpool around 2 years ago. Although I liked them at the time, I’d never shown them too much love until this summer. I just adore MOM jeans, and these vintage beauties seem to fit me better than any Topshop or BDG pair ever could. Granted, they are quite long on me, and I am going to get them shortened soon, but that’s nothing a hem roll can’t fix in the meantime, right?

My black, silky cami is from ASOS. ASOS is good for a lot if things, but I definitely gravitate more towards their basics. If you ever find yourself searching for a good quality, silky cami, look no further than ASOS or Topshop. The only thing that I don’t love about this top is how it can look a bit awkward and a little stiff when tucked into pants. I don’t know whether its down to the composition, or shape of the top… but it’s not a major issue.

Accessories wise, I added a Zara silk scarf around my neck (tied at the back) almost giving the effect of a choker, with a much more 50’s twist. My shoes are from Zara, and despite originally giving me hellish blisters, have slowly became some of my most comfortable shoes – plus, who doesn’t love blue velvet? Of course, my Alexander Wang Rocco is my bag of choice (i’m still in the honeymoon stage with it) and my House of Harlow sunglasses made a brief appearance.

If you want me to write about something, review something or want more information, feel free to drop me a message and I’ll get straight back to you.

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