OOTD – Masculine Layers ft Zara, Primark & Puma

January 13, 2016

Hey guys,

It has been such a devilishly busy few weeks that this post is going to be as short and sweet as yours truly.

I really want to keep you updated on OOTD’s, fashion idea’s and product reviews, and usually aim for at least one post a week. I am fully aware I haven’t been keeping the site as up to date as I would have liked, and I am really sorry! If I didn’t have to work and have exams, I’d post all day, everyday (what a dream).

Anywho, lets quit this rambling. I’ve mentioned a million times that my favourite classic style tends to be androgynous (as mentioned in my interview with Fashiola, exactly a year ago today!). The strong silhouettes and structured tailoring makes me fall in love, and although I may be 5ft, when I’m dressed like a wall street broker, I feel like a million dollars and 100ft tall.

My coat is from Primark. The material is lovely, yet a little thin and lightweight. This is perfect for me as I usually wear layers, however, may cause an issue for others. My cigarette pants are also from Primark. I bought the suit style pants to go with my Puma Suede’s. For me, you can make trainers a little more feminine with purned up cigarette pants other than just plain old jeans (note Alexa Chung).

Now, an outfit wouldn’t feel right without without a touch of Zara. My striped jumper breaks up the outfit and just adds a little bit of detail that the outfit would have otherwise been missing. My bag is also from, you guessed it.. Zara!

That’s all I’ve got for the time being, but I have a very exciting project coming up involving a lot of filming and production, and if you’re in Liverpool, beware!

Ella O’Prey




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