The Brow Club – HD Brow Review

February 14, 2016

HD BrowsHD BrowsHD Brows

In a world where defined, plentiful eyebrows seem to dominate the beauty world, I was lost.

I’m far from a make-up guru and the thought of straying away from my usual ‘slap-dash’ routine had me feeling pretty intimidated. I will admit, I am a HD brow virgin and have never treated myself to a wax and tint like many of my peers, figuring it’ll be no different from my last minute plucking session whilst gawping into a compact mirror thats covered in make-up.

After months of being continuously pulled up about my fair, slightly over plucked brows (yes, I’m talking my sister), the thought did cross my mind to get something done. It was around this time that I was approached to try a HD Brow treatment, and given my lack of beauty knowledge, I jumped at the chance to let a professional have at them.

The Brow Club is a company solely dedicated to transforming lacklustre eyebrows into a pair that Miss Delevingne herself would envy.

I knew very little about The Brow Club prior to my appointment, and upon entering the warehouse, I understood why. Driving with just a post code in hand, I approached the Secret Warehouse. As the name suggests, the whereabouts is highly classified, much like the many speak-easy bars opening around the city, making the whole experience feel pretty exclusive.

Sitting in the waiting room, I was introduced to The Brow Clubs owner, Kate, who would be doing my treatment. The first thing I want to mention is how lovely Kate is. She explained everything thoroughly to me before having me sign a consent form, making sure I was relaxed and knew exactly what was going to happen.

If you’re wondering what exactly a HD Brow treatment is (I was!), Kate has explained is perfectly: “They are much more than a wax and tint; they’re a brow design.”

For the next 30 minutes, I was reclined in a leather chair as Kate worked her magic, all the while discussing things from beauty and bloggers, to holidays and work. I was surprised to find out Kate actually measures up the dimensions of your face and existing eyebrows to find where your natural shape should lie, and implements this throughout.

Although the idea of being tinted, waxed, threaded and plucked doesn’t sound like the most relaxing thing, I was very comfortable the whole time and didn’t want to leave as I was so relaxed!

The HD brow treatment concluded with some product being used on my brand new brows. My hair colour is dark ginger, and it’s usually a nightmare trying to get a good colour match, but almost like magic, Kate had a HD Brow pencil exactly my colour and that was just the cherry on top.

Less than 2 weeks ago, I was walking around with two odd, patchy lines on my face trying to pass them off as eyebrows. Now, I’ve never loved my eyebrows more and never noticed how much they can change the entire look of your face. As Kate said, the treatment is more than just a wax and tint, and I’ve definitely picked up some new tips and tricks that will last me until my next appointment (yes, I’ve already booked in for next month)!

I would just like to thank the lovely Kate Russell for having me join The Brow Club, and the girls at Chic PR for the opportunity.

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