The Pressures Of Blogging

December 5, 2015

 Blogging is the modern day journal. You can write about anything you want, your hobbies, your education, your dreams, your cat – ANYTHING.

The amazing thing about the blogger community is how it can change your way of thinking. Something as average as going to the movies can turn into ‘how could I turn this into a post?’ or ‘I wonder if anyone is going to be interested in this aspect or that’.

When I started, blogging was a passing thought, a kind of ‘if I have time, I’ll write a post’. That was way back when I was a fashion student and didn’t think writing could be any part of my future. Now, skip nearly 2 years ahead and here I am, studying journalism, planning interviews and writing articles for various publications.

Of course, I absolutely love blogging and reading others, but it does come with a few pressures:


Something everyone experiences, blogger or not, is comparison and self-consciousness. If you follow other blogs and websites, its inevitable you will compare them to your own. Sometimes you have to sit back, and remember that the world would be incredibly dull if we all didn’t have variety… but that wont stop me looking through my favourite websites at 2AM wishing mine looked similar.


This is one thing I struggle with. No matter how organised I try and be, I feel like my images look a bit slap dash, and not as professional and clean as I’d like. Although I upgraded to a Samsung NX2000 a few months ago, and can definitely tell the difference in quality compared to my older ‘point and shoot’ camera, I still yearn for better lighting and clarity! Other than buying a professional backdrop, lighting and camera, I realize there is nothing much I can do, so, I guess I’ll just have to be thankful I’m no longer trying using my iPhone!


In my opinion, backgrounds really set the theme and style of a blog. I look at my favourite blogs, and the underlying similarity is they all have light, clean cut backgrounds in their images. I always (or try to) take my OOTD images outside in natural lighting, but a lot of the time the background will leave much to be desired. I’m talking litter, leaves, uncut grass and dingy fences.

Keeping Up Momentum

I would love to blog every other day, and that’s what I aimed for when I first started blogging. I have soon realised, with my current lifestyle, this is really not attainable. Whilst I am studying for my Journalism NCTJ, writing for various publications and working at the same time, I find it hard to equally split my time and have enough time left over to blog as much as I’d like. I hate it when I haven’t blogged for a week, and I see everyone else has had 3 other posts up in that time. Blogger anxiety – is that a thing? Because it bloody should be.

Self Image

Much like comparison, you look at these skinny, beautiful, perfect bloggers and think ‘Wow, why do I put pictures up of myself again?’. We all have bits we would like to change, slim down, or plump, and when you actively run a website situated around fashion and beauty, you are going to fixate on your imperfections and occasionally wish you had the body and/or face of someone else. The thing to remember : people are visiting your website and looking through your images because they appreciate what your posts are about, they probably haven’t even noticed that 2mm pimple on your chin, so stop obsessing!


I always have lots of idea’s floating around about what I can write about, but, there are only so many mood boards, flatlays and OOTD’s you can do before you start running dry. I actually write a lot about music and do a lot of gig reviews as well as write about fashion, although these are published in other music publications, so sometimes that area takes over my brain, and I’m left stuck for idea’s for the fashion side!

These are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head, but there are many more things that make you feel the pressure in the world of blogging – But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Blogging has created so many opportunities for me within the past year and a half, its unbelievable!

If anyone reading this is thinking of starting a blog, just do it, please!

Have you felt the blogging pressure lately? Let me know below, I’d love to hear other opinions!


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