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July 26, 2016

It’s no big secret that I suffer with my skin. I have done ever since I was about 13, and although I was told numerous times it would get better as I got older, I haven’t seen a remarkable difference 7 years later.

The one thing that has changed over the year, however, is how I treat and care for my skin.

Lately, my skin has been really getting me down, which has inspired me to share my tried and tested products with you all!

skincare beauty products new 2016Liz Earle – Cleanse and Polish

This is my number 1 face product – it is gorgeous. Made from natural ingredients, this hot cloth polish cleanses and soothes skin. It is a little scented, but unlike most other scented face products, this one is extremely gentle and great for sensitive skin. If I was stuck on a desert island and had to choose one thing for my skin, you better believe this would be it. If I could recommend one thing for keeping your skin luminous, cleansed and soft – this is it. If you have a local Liz Earle counter close, you can usually pick up a tester to try before you buy.

skincare beauty products new 2016Simple Night Cream

Now and then, my skin gets incredibly dry – not so much the T-zone, but pretty much everywhere else. I have to be pretty picky when it comes to face products as scented creams can really irritate my skin… and that’s where Simple comes in. I used to use a lot of their products, they are perfect for my sensitive skin, but the night cream is the one I use the most. It really leaves my sin feeling nourished and hydrated.

NSPA Brightening Day Cream

This is the cream I use first thing in the morning. The thing that makes me love it is the consistency. The formulation is thinner than most others I have tried, and although most people would prefer a thicker day cream, I find this one doesn’t make my skin as greasy throughout the day. Another added benefit is it has an illuminating quality that totally brightens up my face ready for the day.
skincare beauty products new 2016The Body Shop – Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Mask

Who doesn’t love a pamper session? I adore having an evening to myself, chilling out and taking care of my skin, hair and nails. What’s the one thing you always need when pampering yourself? Yep, a good face mask. So its sods law that nearly every face mask I’ve tried breaks me out the following day. When I explained this to one of the girls in The Body Shop, she recommended this. I have to say, it is excellent. Never will I use another mask again. The honey moisturizes while the oat exfoliates – a match made in heaven. Use this, and your skin will feel as soft as a baby’s bottom and be glowing. You’re welcome.

skincare beauty products new 2016


I wasn’t too sure if I should put this on the list as this cream isn’t available to purchase over the counter. Epiduo is actually a cream I was prescribed by my doctor a few years ago when my skin was at its worst. Originally, I was supposed to use it every night and let my skin drink it up. After a few weeks, my skin was completely clear, I couldn’t believe how good it worked for me! I stopped using it daily around 2 years ago for the main reason that it was drying up my skin a lot. Now, I use it now and then when I can feel a breakout coming on. It doesn’t 100% stop any pimples, but using this can make them go in about 2 days. If anyone of you is struggling with their skin, I would highly recommend seeing your GP like I did. You never know, it might completely transform your skin!

skincare beauty products new 2016NSPA Instant Blur Primer

Okay, so this primer isn’t as much of a skincare product than it is beauty product, but I had to include it in the list because of how it makes my skin feel. The silky gel is applied before any make-up with the intention of blurring any large pores or  imperfections and make your make-up last longer.  When applied, you can seriously feel a big difference to the texture of your skin. Its an amazing base for any make-up, and does a good job of blurring any not-so-great parts. If you like Smashbox’s Photo Finish primer, you’ll love this.
skincare beauty products new 2016Revlon Colourstay Concealer

Obviously, we all know concealers are used for masking spots, imperfections and dark circles, but from my experience, some are better at a particular job than another. For example, this Revlon concealer. Well, I will start by saying, it is amazing. The coverage is great and it wears perfectly – which is why I find this perfect for any spots I need to cover. As soon as I see a spot when I’m doing my make-up, I always grab for this and it covers that sucker like no other could. I did used to double this as my under-eye concealer too, but there was something about it that didn’t work for me – which leads me to my final HG skincare item…

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer

I’m usually pretty stuck in my ways when it comes to face products, and this is a fairly new purchase of mine, which means the fact it has made the list makes it very promising. I was on the look out for a new concealer. One that could brighten my eye’s up a little more than the Revlon Colourstay one was doing at the time. That’s wen I saw this in my local Boot’s store and just decided to give it a try. Wow, this concealer is amazing for brightening any of those pesky bags you might have under your eye. The coverage is good, and consistency is creamy – not drying at all. I couldn’t imagine it to be great at covering any major blemishes, but I’d still highly recommend it for the eyes alone!



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