Whats In My Bag? (Daytime Version)

October 8, 2015

Whats in my bag? Marc JacobsWhats in my bag? Marc JacobsWhats in my bag? Marc Jacobs

I love looking at other bloggers’ Whats In My Bag videos, I’m just pretty nosy like that, plus I love learning new tips and tricks to make life a touch easier when I’m away from home. It wasn’t until I was looking through Fashion Influx’s WIMB post before I realized… I have never made one in the whole time I’ve been blogging! So, here it is…

These items are what I carry on a typical working/college day (including today):

Marc Jacobs Purse – My favourite and newest purse. It even has a pouch for my iPhone inside which is a godsend when I just need to pop out without a bag.

A Comb – The British wind reeks havoc with any hair longer than 2mm, or at least it feels like it does!

Concealer – I usually wear MAC Pro Longwear concealer, however I find it is drying my skin out quite a bit lately, so I have decided to give the Bourjois Healthy Mix a go. So far, so good!

Two Lipsticks – I always make sure I have at least 2 lipsticks on me at all times – one red, one neutral. I’m always conscious that a day might start in work/college, but may very well end in a bar enjoying a few drinks (or something to that effect). It makes a difference to the way you look, and feel, when you can perk yourself up with some red lippy. I tend to leave the neutrals for a daytime top up.

Blistex Intensive Moisturizer – The most hydrating lip balm ever! I love it, especially when used underneath any drying lipstick.

Sunglasses (House Of Harlow – Daisy pictured) – I always carry a pair of sunglasses, no matter what the weather is like. You never know when the sun may shine, and you never know when you need to hide your eyes. Whether it be from a bad eyebrow wax, mascara smudged eyes after a hard day, or even when you need to avoid someone you’ve spotted. Come on… we’ve all been there.

Keys – Car keys, house keys, door fobs. Pretty standard.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Girls, girls, girls… where would be without this stuff? This little canister was sent from God himself. He knows the inconvenience of waking up with greasy hair, and already running 15 minutes late for work, and so, he sent down this little miracle to ease our morning routine. (Okay, slight exaggeration, but I do feel as though it has saved my life on more than one occasion.)

Reading Material – Usually consisting of one magazine, a college book or two, and a novel. It’s always handy to carry around a book that you need for school/college, in my case, my shorthand book. There have been times I have been waiting around, maybe for a friend, maybe for a class to start, or even at lunch, and instead of reaching for my phone, taking out and studying this book has really ended up helping me in the long run. Highly suggested form of quick revision.

An Umbrella – I live in England. Enough said.

A Clamp – Long hair can be annoying. Making sure you always have a clamp to scrape your hair back with can usually prevent a hair related meltdown – although not always.


My Phone and Camera – Yep, my phone is pretty much glued to be at every minute of the day, not too uncommon in this day and age. My camera (Samsung NX3000) also usually joins me wherever I go. You never know when an opportunity will arise for you to get an amazing picture, and especially since I’ve started my Street Style page in The Echo, I can’t risk not having it on me!

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first What’s In My Bag post, and maybe even read something you might want to try!





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